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In the Western Society, zoos are a necessary part that must be kept, and it is unacceptable for inhumanity to dominate the way animals are treated in zoos. In as much as zoos are seen as limited in space, captive, and unfavorable for wild animals, leaving them in the wild…
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Public argument
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Download file to see previous pages We have the responsibility to protect the wild in the best way possible with consideration that they are also meant to get used to the new habitats and evade extinction. This paper supports the argument in favor of zoos. The main reasons include provision of learning opportunities, for animal protection, and reducing extinction. In addition, this paper disagrees with leaving the animals in the wild to expose them to fear, hunger, injury, disease, cruelty, human conflicts, and loss of habitats.
In the debate on zoos ethos largely support zoos. Throughout the world, wild animals are subjected to harsh dangers in the wild yet a little interest in the position of animals in human lives or establishments of meanings through human and animal intersections could save their lives (Rothfels 481). For years, the zoo has been understood as a cultural object that cannot be dismissed by the academy that considers them as places for the intelligent to gain more intelligent. Evidently, zoos have been sought by people since their inception and continue being sought both to pass interaction with extraordinary zoo animals, and to acknowledge that the conception and thought of human history involves even the encounter with nonhumans. Besides interacting with animals and understanding human history, zoos offer humans the opportunity to interpret the world as being in a position to provide environments that are beyond human expectations cute; rare; ferocious; and elusive (Rothfels 482). It is for such reasons that many flock zoos yearly, and pay large sums of money to experience pleasure through the recreation offered in these places. Contrary to the opinion that zoos bring captivity, the lives of animals in zoos vastly differs from that of members of the same species living in the wild.
Pathos presents a great strategy in support of zoos. A great difference is evident in the lives of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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