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However, as with most countries, it has faced its share hurdle in promoting tourism. This paper’s focal point is to adeptly study tourism development in Mozambique.
Mozambique sits on an area of 80,000…
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Download file to see previous pages The country is endowed with a number of minerals such as emerald, iron, copper, bauxite and gold. The temperatures along the coastline, for the most part of the year are usually high. The interior is usually warm even during the cool seasons that come in between April and September. The country has an estimated population of aboput24, 692,144 of which the Maku Lomwe of the north accounts for more than half. The country has over 9 ethnic groups. The larger demographic of the population is between the ages of 25 to 54 with females accounting 3,553,256 for while males account for 3,113,095. The major religions are Roman Catholics (28.4%) and Muslims (17.9%). Two political organizations; Frelimo and Renamo dominate the country, though allowing of multi–party democracy. As of 2013, the Gross Domestic Product stood at 15.63 Billion dollars with 25.83 Million people living under or dangerously close to the poverty line. The per capita income, in the same period stood at $605.5.
As of 2013, statistics illustrated that domestic tourism accounted for 7.2% of Mozambique’s economic growth. The country’s population is not as indulgent in tourism because they are focused more on development through agriculture. In the same period, international tourism only brought in 6.11% of the economic development. This could be attributed to low levels of tourism promotion. The infrastructural development is substantially low and is rated amongst the worst in the world. In light of this, there country’s government has taken measures to try to improve this. Notably, the development of infrastructure is directly linked to the success of tourism. $17 Billion has been invested in pipeline development as a bid to improve economic growth. Mozambique has 7700 hotel beds that register only 40% occupancy rate. The country is challenged with access to land for hotel development in terms of speed and availability for access. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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