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The Theme Of Happiness In The Movie Revolutionary Road - Essay Example

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Happiness is in the hidden dreams. We all have those dreams but not everyone realizes that. The paper "The Theme Of Happiness In The Movie Revolutionary Road" discusses the film done by Sam Mendes, that it clearly illustrates this through dramatic life full of events for a newlywed couple…
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The Theme Of Happiness In The Movie Revolutionary Road
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Download file to see previous pages I feel the frustrations of not achieving their dreams could have polarized the relationship. Finding purpose and meaning in life has lasting impact one's well-being. Occasionally, this results from having fulfilled dreams. Living below your dreams can lead to mental distress and become unable to cope with life issues.
The quick turn of events changes the platform to achieve the dreams for the two lovers. Frank gets promotion and April are pregnant again. The frustrations grew up to the point of break up. True to Friedan, a magazine analyst, words, women in The New Woman Heroine yearn for career growth, self-identity and if they did not make it, those dreams would still be burning inside them to a point that they would wish their daughters to live their dreams.
Looking at April, I can understand why she had to do what she did. She did not have anything to hold on in life. Her career becoming close to impossible to achieve and unhappy marriage running in her hand every time she would think of it was enough to torture her to death.
Everyone wants to achieve the life’s dream and if not have something that closely resembles such dreams. It gives purpose and meaning which I believe lacked for the couple. I feel like no one can understand our dreams better than we do and hence the need to follow our heart. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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