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The relationship between humans and their technology - Essay Example

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People make effort to introduce new technology each day. Technology started by use of typewriter to computer and now people have introduced a touch screen devices and sound detecting technological devices…
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The relationship between humans and their technology
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Extract of sample "The relationship between humans and their technology"

Humans and Technology Humans and Technology Introduction The interaction between people and technology is chancing today. People make effort to introduce new technology each day. Technology started by use of typewriter to computer and now people have introduced a touch screen devices and sound detecting technological devices. Currently, technology is replacing human beings in work place. The introduction of technology has led to collapse of many job positions in the organizations. For example, the work of messengers in organizations is no longer required because technology has facilitated means of sending messages. The application and use of technology is replacing the human being services in the world.
Currently, the technological machines are replacing human being in performing dangerous work, repetitive tasks and expensive but simple tasks. There are benefits accompanied with this aspect of machine replacing human in industries. The machines are faster than human being and this speed up the process of production. Some tasks are more dangerous and expose human beings to danger. Safety is ensured when machines perform work which could be performed by human being. For example, in a construction site machines are used to lift building bricks instead of having them carried by people. These safes people because the bricks can knock someone down (Cavan Group, 2013). In respect to speed, machines can perform task without resting. They do not need rest unlike human beings who need to rest after performing difficulty tasks. In places where machines perform task, work is done faster than in places where human perform the task. For example, typing using computer is faster because one can make more copies at the same time unlike hand writing which requires one to write more copies. Machines produce high quality work than human beings. Machines are set by human being to perform a certain tasks. A well maintained machine does not alter the information but performs the task depending to the setting. Human beings can forget at times and produce low quality work. The machines always ensure quality of the work performed. For example, computers make an exact copy of information in disks. The application of technology is slowly replacing human beings in performing tasks (Karlen, 2014).
Technological devices work alongside human beings. The machines can not perform any work without being directed by people. It is better to have a machine working alongside human being than leaving a machine to work alone. For example, people are working to build up robots to work together with people. It is better to have a machine work together with an individual in order to access and have the aspect of the two worlds. In work, the machines possess the aspect of speed and productivity while people bring about the aspect of emotional intelligent and capacity of handling the unknown. When machines work together with human beings the two sides of the world are available. Technologies which need to work with human beings for effectiveness include mobile robots, autonomous vehicle and natural question language and answering (Bremen, 2015).
Advancement in technology has brought about changes in the world. The application of machines is slowly replacing human beings in carrying out organizational task. The machines also need to work together with human beings for effectiveness. The application and use of technology is replacing the human being services in the world.
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