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Should young people carry guns - Essay Example

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According to the research carried out in the U.S by the CDC, a total sum of 112,375 infants, children, and teens were killed by firearms from 1981 to 2010(CDC 34). In 2011, 5% of…
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Should young people carry guns
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Download file to see previous pages Reported incidences of gun possession particularly by the media enhanced the growing concern over school violence. Recent reports of violence are a clear indication that guns should be prohibited in schools as they instill fear, disrupt education and may lead to physical harm or death.
Researchers have attempted to identify reasons for the increase in school violence. Research in the field of psychology, criminology and social sciences have attempted to identify reasons for the increase in violence. The research was carried out in order to explain crime among the youth and also, so as to develop effective policies that may reduce crime (DeLisi 20).Researchers needed to provide clear definitions of the term “Violence” and “Weapons” in order facilitate the establishment of effective policies and laws. According to Sexton-Radek, violence refers to the threat or use of physical force that results in physical damage or intimidates another individual (Sexton-Radek 5). Weapons were later defined as any object that may be used to instill harm or intimidation (Hanks 21).
Crime prevention policies and laws were adopted in an attempt to reduce crime. I n1990, the Gun Free Schools Zones Act stated that it is a federal offence for a student to knowingly poses a firearm in the school zone. The 1994,Gun Free Schools Act stated that states receiving federal funds for education were required to enact state laws that approved the expulsion of students, as a consequence for gun possession(Hanks 16). These two laws laid the foundation for other implemented state statutes. Schools were expected to adopt policies and safety measures that ensure the protection of students and teachers within the school zone.
The definition of a weapon greatly influenced the established laws governing ownership of guns. In the U.S weapons are classified into three categories. These categories are true weapons; ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Should Young People Carry Guns Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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