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Professor and Student in aGgun-Fight within the University - Essay Example

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The rhetorical analysis below is based on a text written by Greg Hampikian. Hampikian is a professor of biology and criminal science, at the Boise State University. He has also co-authored the “Exit to Freedom”…
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Professor and Student in aGgun-Fight within the University
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Extract of sample "Professor and Student in aGgun-Fight within the University"

Download file to see previous pages The House of Representatives is just about to pass the bill, thus coming into a recognized policy. Hampikian sounds startled by the proposed law and in an amusing way, asks when he can shoot a student. Hampikian is interested in getting the bill approved though he is also considering the adverse effects that the policy is likely to have. Is it not a perplexing situation to see a lecturer pointing his/her gun to a student? And what happens when the student draws his gun in self-defense?
Hampikian’s credibility is well established when he seeks legal instruction on what the rules of engagement in class will be once the students and professors start carrying guns to school. He invites dialog between the stakeholders both at the state level and the Boise University. According to him, it seems quite strange for a lecturer to carry a gun to his place of work since his responsibility is dealing with students only. He expresses this as a matter of practical concern. He is, however, accommodative of the change. He has no problems with the students carrying guns. He is currently acknowledging the fact that even right now, the students can still fight back using their pencils, when totally disgruntled, although he has no fears for the pencil since he always carries his pen as well. His credibility is further shown by the position he holds at the university. He is a professor of biology at the same university. This shows his credibility in that he appreciates the students’ rights to defend themselves when necessary (Hampikian para 3).
According to the author, permitting guns to campus will have an effect on the ethics and the organizational culture of the institution. Ethics refer to the norms followed in a particular organization. They define the conduct of conduct by all the players in the particular organization. Concerned with the ethics of the university and the Idaho State at large, Hampikian prompts the Legislators to consider the repercussions of minor engagements that normally arise when students are carrying out their daily activities at the university, before making their final decision. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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