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Lack of communication between students and academic advisors - Essay Example

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Date Lack of Communication between Advisors and Students When Choosing Education Paths Introduction Certainly, in any educational system, communication is very important. While there are significant differences in the way counseling and advising are being carried out with respect to the different levels of study i.e…
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Lack of communication between students and academic advisors
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Download file to see previous pages First, students are not assigned to ‘individual advisors’; in other words, they keep on changing advisors as the course of their study progresses; hence, the problem crops up as a result of inconsistent communication. For sure, there are differences in advising strategies from one advisor to another so once a student is not being assigned to his or her individual advisor throughout the entire duration of the study, it only blurs the approaches that students will have to implement in their studies. Second is record keeping: the downside of having to be assigned to various teachers is the lack of constant communication and the disarray of record-keeping. As aforementioned, each advisor has varying counseling and advising strategies; and this only cause nothing but potential confusion on the part of the student. Because they are not assigned to a single advisor, chances are they are not going to develop a singular approach towards their study or research. And that is aside from the fact that they do not get to meet their advisor on a permanent basis. Lastly, the issues on policies whether to employ individual advising or one on one advising or not only exacerbate the situation: academic institutions should be able to address this concern once and for all. Lack of communication between students and advisors is a result of inconsistency of meetings between students and advisors. If we can get the students assigned to a single advisor throughout the entire duration of their study, then there is a greater chance that they will be able to complete their degrees; but again, the decision entirely depends on the policies of the schools. The above argument proves that each student should be given a separate student and not a horde of people who just care to get done with their work without much caring about the probable outcomes of their research. Coming to our main issue, dealing with the biased attitude towards students that are not assigned to individual advisors. Coming to other questions which state that since this is such a small proportion of people so why such big enforcements are needed? The answer is that they are citizens too and thence it is their right to have everything that is destined for them. Though, this is agreed that there are laws for the disabled but how many people respect them? And how many universities; both private and state universities, follow the instructions laid down by the ADA act? So the duty falls upon the fellow students to minimize their biases and help push the implementation of policies that encourage assignment to individual advisors. Contentions on Policy Changes One particular reason as to why assigning students to individual advisors cannot be carried out is that the student to teacher ratio suggests it cannot be done. Well, that is if the intention is to assign one student per advisor and that is it. However, assignment of students to individual advisors should not be defined by claiming the entire exclusivity of the advisor for the students advising needs for the entire duration of the study. The point is that students needs to have “ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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