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COM101 - Essay Example

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For instance, at the beginning of the presentation, he uses humor to get the attention of the audience. He says that her mother’s grandparents “succumbed” to his “infantile…
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Extract of sample "COM101"

Lecturer Essay # Evaluation of a presentation In the presentation about his family, Zach Wahls does an effective job in engaging the audience. For instance, at the beginning of the presentation, he uses humor to get the attention of the audience. He says that her mother’s grandparents “succumbed” to his “infantile cuteness” to believe in artificial insemination. In addition, he manages to sustain this attention by maintaining eye contact throughout the entire presentation. Secondly, Wahls uses personal examples to clarify his ideas and convince the audience. For example, in order to convince the audience that a child raised by a gay couple is no different from other children, he uses his achievements in school and his small business to illustrate this fact. He also uses examples from his own family to show that this family is no different from others. Finally, the overall structure of the presentation was excellent. He starts by introducing himself as a son of a lesbian couple, offers his supporting arguments and then closes by restating that children raised by gay couples are just like any other children. This organization helps to bring out the key points clearly.
However, this presentation could have been more effective if the speaker had used a slower pace in his speech. Some of the words may not be captured by everyone in the audience, especially those whose first language is not English. Secondly, in order to address concerns the audience may have had, the speaker should have taken some time to respond to the questions from the audience. Finally, in order to make his argument more convincing, he needed to give some statistics relating to the issue. For example, he could give statistics relating to children raised by gay couples in Iowa State.
Works Cited
 Iowa House Democrats,. Zach Wahls Speaks About Family. 2011. Web. 7 Apr. 2015. Read More
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