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It consist of 14 lines in which are following a crucial feature of this structure, ABAB rhyming in their pattern in the initial 3 quatrains as well as a CC couplet at the end permitting it to be in iambic pentameter form. Unique in form, poetic…
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Poetry analysis
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Romeo and Juliet Romeo and Juliet is a sonnet. It consist of 14 lines in which are following a crucial feature of this structure, ABAB rhyming in their pattern in the initial 3 quatrains as well as a CC couplet at the end permitting it to be in iambic pentameter form. Unique in form, poetic system are used skillfully as the sonnet go beyond usual principle of a love poem. Maybe since the play is featured on love, Shakespeare wrote this poem in this type in order to stress this concept in the play as well as the close connection between Romeo and Juliet.
The poem is full different writing styles. The use of repetition of words all through the poem such as "civil", bring in alliteration to the following or next. Shakespeare chooses to use the repetition of a certain sound in the subsequent line, generating alliteration. Alliteration in the line 5 is not just the repetition of the letter f sound but of bold words. A line filled with harsh sounding fs as well as words of rivalry are pushed up alongside line 6 and appear to be more unhappy than harsh which inform the audience of the expected death of the lovers that were at first believed to be enemy. Lastly, enjambment in the poem embraces the character of the play being clash and the violence paralleling with love as well as predictable disaster.
Form as well as content is important aspects in any text as the combination of all inevitably produce the last meaning of the content. Meaning cannot be consequential if there is no substance in which to support a story on and a sequence of literary method for instance those present in the poem of Romeo and Juliet, place a prominence on this content for it to convey the basic idea that Shakespeare is giving out to the audience. Read More
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