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Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing - Essay Example

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This essay explores the picture where two younger children topless are playing on the river where they are joined by a cow and its calf. Behind the cows there is a old man with grey hair whom may be was with the children before the cows joined…
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Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing
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Extract of sample "Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing"

Image analysis
In this picture, two younger children topless are playing on the river where they are joined by a cow and its calf. Behind the cows there is a old man with grey hair whom may be was with the children before the cows joined. The children and the old man were maybe on vocation before the cows joined them. The cows, one big and the other small maybe its calf splashes water to a great length along the river meaning they have just joined the children. One child sees to touching the big cow with his/her left hand while the other enjoying as depicted by facial expression. The old man behind the cows is maybe waiving or raising his left hand a coincidence with the child touching the cow with the left hand. This picture was taken along the river or water pond. There seems good relationship between the two animals and the children; one child is touching the cow as the other enjoys the event. This leads to speculation that the animals comes from the same family with the children or the old man behind the cows owns them as well as the children.
The presence of the boys and the cows in the river depicts different cultures in the world. Although people inherit variant cultures they have been integrating with different animals both kept domestically or aesthetic. Intact the boys taking “shower” with the cows along the river with a grown up man looking at the happening depict complete societal inheritance.
The picture represents striking contrast between the intense light of sun reflection or camera flash light and sky darkness. This invites several interpretation of the image. The two children topless one touching the cow while the other enjoy depicts meditation of innocence. The topless children one on bluish shorts and the other on creamy short beside blackish cows inform of an old man represent extinction of innocence and dawn of reality. Although there is certainty of really what the children are doing with the cows and what the old man is doing or saying the children are so close to the cows and seems to be doing something sinister or off-limits. Despite this the children seems to enjoy the company of the animals (Solomon and Breckon 45-80).
Strong formal qualities have been represented in the picture from the forefront to the background. There is continues repetition of different shapes embedded on different dimensional lines. For instance the water splashes makes circular bubbles on grayish dark background. This makes complex repeated patterns the lager part of the picture. The two animals are represented in two different colors with the large one being blackish and the small one brownish which is almost akin with the color of the topless children skin. The arrangement of the patterns, lines and colors contrast comes up with a balanced and unified composition. The boys and the cows interacting in the river is the main image focal point as well as the splashed water. The splashed water reflects cameras flash light to provide the contrast between the dark and the bright light waves.
Work cited
  Solomon, C.J. and Breckon, T.P. Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing: A Practical Approach with Examples in Matlab. Wiley-Blackwell. 2010, 45-80. Print Read More
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“Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1”, n.d.
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