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Imagination is a significant element of novelty and it is through critical thinking and creativity that students innovate or come up with brilliant ideas. In most cases, the only time students and teachers find imagination efficient is in cases of composing context on real world…
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How can high schools better educate students imaginations
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English Essay How can High Schools better Educate Imaginations? Imagination is a significant element of novelty and itis through critical thinking and creativity that students innovate or come up with brilliant ideas. In most cases, the only time students and teachers find imagination efficient is in cases of composing context on real world topics or situations. Definitely, for such an assignment, students describe the world according to their own perception, which typically bases on their imagination. The limited situations requiring students’ imagination affects their overall interpretation and using particular initiatives to educate counters this challenge. Educating students’ imaginations through the different initiatives forms a firm foundation for creativity and generation of improved ideas. This paper elaborates how having a class pet would improve students’ imaginations in school and later on in life i.e. expanding their imaginative skills could mark their cultivation as a habit and application in daily tasks of the world.
Pets or animals make good companions for man and the relationship creates a different understanding of everything as compared to the way humans express their interactions. Introducing a class pet creates a unique chance that educators can utilize for edification through fun and augmented interaction. Some student’s might argue that they are too old to pet but it is because they do not comprehensively understand the advantages of introducing a rabbit, cat or hamster as part of the curriculum. Learning works better when students cultivate a candid interest of the environment and its components thus introducing a pet in the English or art class enhances the overall experience.
The idea of class pet provides a wide platform for educating students’ imagination inside and outside the classroom. For instance, the teacher can ask the students to research on the class pet, which sparks an interest in reading various books on the pet and can share with their age-mates. Upon researching, the teacher can also request the students to write an article on their pets after everyone spending a day with it. The description of their experience enhances the imaginative skills, especially if the teacher participates more by giving each student a particular aspect to focus on in their description. Additionally, such a task combines English and imaginative skills development.
Definitely, the idea of a class-pet for better educating students’ imagination has its challenges with the main being resentment from students in the classroom. Definitely, some of the students will not be receptive upon introduction of the pet and the best solution is using the class-pet to enhance the concept of accepting responsibility. For instance, the teacher could assign different days that the students have to take the pet home, feed it and return it safely the following day.
Resolutely, the teachers can get more creative with the class-pet and use it in most of the learning activities. The best step is using illustration by pictures from the students to analyze the growth and alterations on the pet’s attributes. This can be effective if done weekly especially for the art classes where the students use various materials every other week. Read More
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