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The book reflects on the events which began in 1941 and ends in 1945. The book ponders a lot of questions which are answered by Moche who survived the Germany massacre. The Germans at…
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Book summarize
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Download file to see previous pages Basically, families were deported which made them to move to new areas.
Their deportation was harsh has in on the third day of the deportation on midnight, they were faced with a horror of flames which had a huge stench of flesh burning. This makes them downtrodden as they would not see the future in them. Guards with clubs take Elie group through a selection process whereby the best were selected while others facing a grim future. Elie together with his father lie about their ages which makes them to depart to a concentration camp in Auschwitz accompanied by other hardy men. As the events unfold, Elie’s three sisters and their mother disappear into a death camp called Birkenau. At this time, Elie saw how infants were being tossed in a burning bit and this made Elie to rebel against God.
On each day, Elie and Chiomo the beird were concerned in keeping themselves health so that they can remain being in the workforce. The guards are very sadistic that they give them capricious punishment. Elie and his father were forced to march to Buna, where they would sort electronics which were in the electronic warehouse. That happened when they had worked in the previous factory for three weeks. The guards hang a thirteen year old in the presence of Elie and this was the height of servitude. The child eventually died.
During the Rosh Hashanah services, Elie grows a morose at a time when he was despairing. In the next moment, the doctors culls Elies father from abler men. However, Chlome the father of Elie passes a physical examination for the second time which gives him a chance to live. A surgery is conducted on the foot of Elie.
Elies father finally succumbed to malnutrition, beating and dysentery when the Russian forces were moving closer to the Nazi camp. Gradually there were only a few survivors. However in April 1945, the camp was liberated, however, Elie was depleted because of food poisoning.
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