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V6 & V8 Car Engines - Essay Example

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Before buying an engine, it is necessary to understand the types of engines available for the same car. This is because it is vital to know the type of engines that are efficient for…
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V6 & V8 Car Engines
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Extract of sample "V6 & V8 Car Engines"

Download file to see previous pages The V6 engines are better than V8 engines because they are not as big as the V8 engines, are more fuel-efficient, can be produced in V8’s production line, and are more affordable for an average American.
Fuel usage and reasonable speeds are the leading factors that an individual should consider before buying an engine. The V6 engines have been remodeled to include these properties. This is because, speed and fuel usage are the properties that the engine displays and uses when in use. Therefore, it is worth considering the fuel usage and speed displayed by V6 or V8 engines. Efficient and economical engine is worth buying than fuel guzzling engines. Understanding the speed and power of the engine is important for drivers especially when they are using the car. The 6-cylinder V6 turbo engine and the 8-cylinder V8 engines display different qualities and specification; thus, it is worth determining which of the two is best for the American car users (Gearhead).
Initially, V8 engines were known to be more powerful than V6 engines because the later were known to be slow in speed, noisy and less powerful. However, the manufacturers became concerned about these defects and decided to correct them; a move that led to the 2014 manufacturing of the new V6. The GM manufacturers made the new 2014 V6 to operate under the modern technology within the car industry. Some of these technologies include the casting processes and full four cams phrasing to the ultra-fast with a torque-based engine. The V6 turbo engine is known for its low fuel usage, but has high car functioning speed. On the other hand, the V8 is a higher fuel consumer when functioning under the same features and technologies as V6. Therefore, the V6 engine model is more desirable and satisfying then V8 (Tori).
It is also necessary noting that the V6 engines are economical for the American society. When analyzing the fuel usage ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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