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Effect to cause: disaster of texting while driving a car - Essay Example

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Functions such as making and receiving calls, texting, taking pictures or surfing the net have not only been combined altogether in one slick device but have also been made…
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Effect to cause: disaster of texting while driving a car
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Extract of sample "Effect to cause: disaster of texting while driving a car"

Download file to see previous pages Among the most deadly ways to use cell phones is texting while driving.
The bald statistics signifies that the number of car crashes provoked by texting while driving has increased dramatically. This fact means that people either do not fully realize the extent of danger they are placed in when deciding to type a message when driving or that they know about the risks but consciously disregard the warnings. The steps taken by many states globally to prohibit calling and texting when driving have been expected to restrain automobilists from using phones while they drive. However, the soaring number of car accidents certainly evidences that there is much more to be done.
In fact, the majority of drivers tend to believe that it is possible to send messages with no harm for their driving abilities. However, this presumption is what frequently results in car accidents. The principal reason why texting while driving should not be practiced is that it affects a driver’s reaction on the road. In situations when traffic is hectic, the length of time one talks on the phone before responding to a situation is directly related to his or her chances to be engaged in a car accident. Although both calling and texting when driving are dangerous, texting while driving is even more risky since the driver is to continually behold the screen in order to read or type messages. The decreased attention on the road runs the risk of a car crash since the driver reacts to traffic situations much slower. Furthermore, the studies showcase that the drivers who are texting while driving accelerate slower after stepping on the brakes. In turn, this creates obstacles for other drivers, leading to possible accidents. Moreover, since they are more concentrated on the screen of their phone than on the road, drivers who type messages when driving have a greater chance of hitting a pedestrian compared to those not distracted in the traffic jam.
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