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It is not just the youth that has taken plastic money for granted but also adults. It is quite common to see adults failing behind on the payment schedule of their credit card loans. The children of…
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Responce ta a reading
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Reading Response It cannot be argued that society today has become increasingly materialistic. It is not just the youth that has taken plastic money for granted but also adults. It is quite common to see adults failing behind on the payment schedule of their credit card loans. The children of some of these adults are beginning to enter the college phase of their lives. These children have seen plastic money all their lives and they are not usually scared of it. For them, owning plastic money is part of growing up and having fun. Students who enter college life seem to see it as a new found freedom where they can have the fun of their lives without parents guiding or limiting them. Thus, when credit card companies use this perception to get to the college students, it clicks with them. They relate to the advertisement and see themselves in those advertisements.
This perception is quite difficult to break since college students are more affected by peer pressure than by parents who do not control their lives any more. If the perception of fun and toys has to be broken, it should be through the help of peers. Seniors could serve as role models for these students when they explain to the freshmen students about the problems that they may have to face with plastic money. The impact of parents would be highest when the children have not yet left for college. Manning has presented great tips for financial advice that parents can give to their children. The idea of earning money or toys is quite effective, even though it would take time given the fact that peer pressure is highest when it comes to owning things.
Overall, a collaborative approach is required. Good parenting along with peer education is important to overcome the strong effect of advertisements promoting plastic toys and financial irresponsibility. Read More
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