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For the first student, as for most young and unprepared people, academic language is one of the most obvious obstacles preventing from effective information analysis. The authors of scientific researches got used…
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Responds to Reading and Writing about Research
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Reading and Writing about Research Working with scientific articles requires skills and experience. For the first as for most young and unprepared people, academic language is one of the most obvious obstacles preventing from effective information analysis. The authors of scientific researches got used to the speech saturated with specific terms, definitions, and complicated methods of information presentation. Practice is probably the only way to adjust to this obstacle as reading more and more scientific articles people learn to capture the gist leaving secondary information behind. The terms when once interpreted do not cause difficulties for the second time anymore.
Interpreting such scientific information as graphs, tables can be more challenging and here it is necessary to explore methods of research in the discipline in advance. This is the stumbling block for the second student. However, it will be a helpful skill in further scientific activity because these methods allow presenting information more effectively. Dealing with complicated information it is possible to reread it several times. It can be rather time-consuming but that is why scientific literature is different from fiction.
Another common concern is plagiarism. It is important to remember that any thought or idea borrowed from someone else`s source must be cited properly. If there is a necessity to preserve the original content the quote must be written in inverted commas. All other phrases must be paraphrased which means they must be retold in author`s own words. Including such information as author`s name, the year of publication is compulsory depending on the reference style. The paper must have a list of the sources used in the end as well. Read More
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