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Horror dark fiction - Essay Example

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For this reason, authors sometimes use characters with the strong will to kill someone or just to torment. All these things instill fear at the reader, because reader with…
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Horror dark fiction essay
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Download file to see previous pages But Stephen King as well as Lovecraft use many times the dangerous character that cannot be described it’s something that even author cannot tell, but this fact frighten a reader even stronger.
All people have fear of something unknown and strange and this fear can be considered to be the main acting part of such type of fiction. Fear of something unknown is stronger than of people or animals. Desperate position with unknown creatures or things can produce more effect on the reader than the equal situation with people or animals. But some authors are used to use people like a characters and in the work of Lovecraft “The Colour out of space” we can see something indescribable. Some creature or even substance that came from the space. One cannot identify for what reason it came and what it will do, but the effect on the people was terrible, as well as on the land. “ It must, I thought as I viewed it, be the outcome of a fire; but why had nothing new ever grown over these five acres of grey desolation that sprawled open to the sky like a great spot eaten by acid in the woods and fields” (Lovecraft). People became mad of something that was like an asteroid and animals began to do some strange things. “It was a little before this that the horses had stampeded. Something had aroused them in the night, and their neighing and kicking in their stalls had been terrible. There seemed virtually nothing to do to calm them, and when Nahum opened the stable door they all bolted out like frightened woodland deer. (Lovecraft)”
There was one description of something that landed and it was some object that was constantly warm and has the colour that one cannot describe. Some people called it “Color of the space” (Lovecraft) “They had uncovered what seemed to be the side of a large coloured globule embedded in the substance. The colour, which resembled some of the bands in the meteors strange spectrum, was almost impossible to describe; and it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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