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Apple Inc., renowned for its high quality products, is the manufacturer and distributor of iPhones. Despite some shortcomings that the iPhone 6…
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Eng 1010
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iPhone 6 IPhone 6, a modern phone technology from the iPhone series, has been a major topic of discussion among the public since its release. Apple Inc., renowned for its high quality products, is the manufacturer and distributor of iPhones. Despite some shortcomings that the iPhone 6 presents, it still has innumerable advantages that confirm its worth. It is beneficial for a buyer to compare the advantages and drawbacks of the phone before making a purchase.
The iPhone presents some likable advantages that attract its buyers. It has a sleek design that makes it eye-catching and portable. In addition, it has superior display and graphics as compared to other phones in the market. The display options it provides are quite exciting because they provide the feel of using a computer, rather than just a phone. Its 6 Plus 5.5-inch monitor with high-resolution Retina HD display is remarkable, in addition to its protective capabilities. Apart from that, the iPhone has fast internet connectivity, which is convenient for intense web browsing and email applications. Excellent internet, coupled with a Dual-core 1.4 GHz Cyclone (ARM v8-based) processor, makes multitasking easy. IPhone 6 is undoubtedly a badly efficient and exceedingly powerful phone device whose stylish nature appeals to a great (but wealthy) section of the populace.
Despite its advantages, the iPhone presents several imperfections, just like any other hi-tech device. Its main shortcoming is that it is considerably costly as compared to its competitors. Even so, its prestige lies on its expensive nature, so that only a few people can afford it and have boasting rights. In addition, its internal memory is non-expandable, and this means that an iPhone user can only use downloads that are originally available on the gadget. I dislike it because I am limited to downloading music from its music stores, rather than transferring my own music and movies. Its other notable disadvantages include the inability to remove its Li-Po battery for charging, and its lack of water resistance. Considering the iPhone 6 lacks some features that android phones have, it is still not a superior phone globally. In addition, considering there are phones such as Samsung Galaxy S5 that are certified as waterproof, the iPhone 6 is still at a disadvantage.
Owing to its impressive features and prestige values, the iPhone is worth its price. As long as one can afford it, then it is worth the price. It is not advisable if an overzealous person has to save money to purchase one, merely to impress friends. In addition, its shatterproof glass ensures that it cannot break, which may result in costly repairs. Some social media enthusiasts in fact claim it is bullet roof and can save a person’s life. If that is true, it is worth the price. Even so, Apple Inc. still has the opportunity to work on the shortcomings iPhone six presents, and increase its worth by bettering services appropriate to recent technology.
I will not buy an iPhone 6 again simply because its disadvantages far outweigh its benefits. As well, I would like to explore other phone technologies, which may have superior benefits to that of the iPhone. Android phones, which have expandable memories, are a better option considering the fact that I have a lot to download and install on my phone. In case I lose an iPhone 6, it would be too costly to buy another one, so I would just prefer something relatively cheaper in the market.
As seen above, the iPhone is an excellent phone, with both advantages and disadvantages. In the end, it boils down to the features one desires in a cell phone. I can courageously pronounce iPhone 6 as the best among the iPhone series. The availability of a wide variety of phones means that there are several available options to choose from if the iPhone 6 does not meet one’s requirements. The contemporary society experiences ever-changing technology, and this means there is a likelihood of greater phone technology in the future. Read More
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