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Answer both parts - Essay Example

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According to ( Ojeda 3) “Americans are turning away from corporate news and so the time is ripe for the growth and expansion of truly independent free press alternatives”. This is a fact, and is shocking how; the American population had been slaved to the news channels which…
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Answer both parts
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Download file to see previous pages is worthwhile to bring in some free press which would completely rely on the happenings in the society rather than some business news and health updates which can be worthless to the American public.
According to ( Hegdon 70 ) “Abusing a human being is not easy to do; consenting to do it is not something that comes naturally”. Now the issue here is not easy to understand .The author is trying to justify the reason for the harassing among criminals in Guantanamo and it is not easy to defy the author. We know that the prisoners in Guantanamo are not innocent people and bringing out the truth from these vicious criminals is not an easy task. The interrogation and abusing is a part of prison life and it is the way to bring justice to the countrymen. It is shocking to know that these prisoners deserve such abuses but this is the only way the truth will come to surface.
Human right is not an aspect which is alien to people of the 21st century .We are humans and we do have the right to live on earth like any other person. Human rights have been a controversial issue since man has civilized. Generally speaking, the human rights issue covers many subjects and it is still an evolving phenomenon. Why is human right a crucial subject? It is because human have varied culture, race, sexual orientation and religion and all these factors need to be considered when one talks about human rights issue. The human right law in American and Africa is not same and to understand the differences it is important to understand what it means to be a human. Human rights give freedom to individual as he has free will and with human rights alone can one nurture a democratic nation. (Thesis)
a) Human rights mean no discrimination and this means there is freedom for people to live on their planet which they own. Frankly speaking, human beings have free will and he can only conduct his life on earth with ample freedom. Everyone, despite of their color, gender or race has complete right to ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Answer Both Parts Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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