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Prison Culture and structure - Term Paper Example

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The Structure and Culture of PrisonOutline Introduction An Overview: History of the Modern Prison Structure in United States The State of Prison System at Present The Prison Culture Violence in Prison Sexuality, Sexual Violence and Sex Culture in Prison Conclusion Introduction The prison culture and structure of the American society includes, crime, which would basically yield a straightforward and literal implication that it is anything against the law, as an important component…
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Prison Culture and structure
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Download file to see previous pages In this manner, the society has formulated its own law which has its definite social basis on which behaviors must be considered criminal (Comack and Brickey, 1991). Such creation of laws against crime is a pre – requisite for conviction and subsequently housing of the convicted criminal (Viano). In the context of United States, the word ‘jail’ is not synonymous to the term ‘prison’ (Viano). A jail is described as a significant element of the correctional system which is used to capture and confine the sex industry workers, substance abuse offenders, juveniles who are treated as adults, and other persons who have failed to attend it court trials and others (Viano). On the one hand, a prison is defined as a place where to house in a long span of time those convicted of serious crimes (Viano). Meanwhile, the prison culture and structure of United States is an exceptional case for the reason that it imprisons more people compared to any country in the world as it has comprised a one – fourth of the world’s total count of prisoners. ...
Nonetheless, the prison that has been a place which holds most of the origins of disorganization is really not known to many of us. It is a place that has been people’s taken for granted reality. Given this overview, this paper aims to critically discuss and examine the prison culture and structure of the American society. An Overview: History of the Modern Prison Structure in United States According to Wines (1895), it was the case before that the prison was only referred to the detention of no more than religious as well political offenders though this structure of prison has been the mode of repressing and punishing the majority of the crimes today. To know when exactly imprisonment as a punishment of crime has started could not be stated. What is only known is that imprisonment except for the political and religious offenders and debtors was not usual until the middle of 19th century, imprisonment happened to be the standard mode of punishment of crimes in America and Europe as well. In 1921, Barnes discussed the historical background and origins of prison system of the Pennsylvania and Auburn systems of prison administration and how these influence the modern practice of society to repress the criminal behaviors in his “The Historical Origin of the Prison in America.” According to him, in the later 18th and 19th centuries, there were movement of the Europeans with respect to the control of criminal codes and imprisonment. The 18th century marked the period of conversion from corporal punishment to imprisonment. The prison reform has its European origins. However, the scheme of reforming the punishment system of America which had a portion of imitation of the European movement was initiated by the reformers of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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