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Museum - Essay Example

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Firstly, it may seem strange, because both African countries and Egypt are situated on African continent. Yet historically, culture of…
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Download file to see previous pages Among others who borrowed from Ancient Egypt tradition were also Ancient Greeks, the beginners of Western civilization, and Arabs, whose culture is commonly considered as the Middle East culture (O’Connor, 1971). Thus, despite African and Ancient Egypt cultures share the same continent, the two cultures differ.
African culture generally, seems more connected to a nature. For example, African ceremonial clothing (Figure 1) is primary made from natural floral materials and looks like a bush. On black mannequin there is some kind of yelm, made from a dry rush plant, which supposed to cover the whole body of oracle or sacrifice. His human identity isn’t visible in such clothing, because his ceremonial mission is more important. Two other issues of the clothing have also a ceremonial destination: a headwear made from natural floral materials and seashells, and a stick, decorated the same way with a headwear.
Even more natural and joyful African culture seems, when looking at African dolls (Figure 2). They differ strongly, even from each other, despite they often belong to the same African region. Some are made from wood, and focused on sex and religious characteristics of a woman, other ones are made from soft materials and different bright pieces of texture. It should be mentioned, that all dolls have individual face characteristics, despite that faces may look unnatural (big mouth, schematic eyes, etc.). It’s mostly noticeable when comparing African dolls to Egyptian Shabti statues, which also look like dolls (Figure 5). Despite Shabti statues too have individual faces, and those faces look more proportional than ones of African dolls, generally Shabti look less individual. They have the same ceremonial posture (standing front-wise with crossed arms), similar schematic haircuts and clothing. Being a part of a well-known Egyptian funeral cult, Shabti statues symbolize servants of a dead master.
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Museum Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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