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Supporting a Position / Developing Significance / Incorporating Sources - Essay Example

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First of all it is necessary to understand the purpose of every advertisement because it will define the methods which designers and marketing specialists use…
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Supporting a Position / Developing Significance / Incorporating Sources
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Download file to see previous pages I guess Dior as one of the most famous and big names in fashion industry aims to maintain its image because it does not seek for new customers, they seek for it themselves.
That is why creating its advertisement of a new scent which is called Jàdore, Dior tried to make something that would instantly give an understanding of the peculiar brand. An incredibly beautiful woman dressed in a luxurious silk golden dress is walking down the aisle. She is shining with soft hazy light and the whole place, which looks like a big hall or a catwalk on some fashion show, seems to be lit with her light. It is difficult to define whether it is a real woman or some mythical creature because of this divine light. The first thing that draws viewer`s attention is participation of the celebrity in the advertisement. Charlize Theron, one of the most attractive women of the planet, is depicted as the main character of the commercial of J`adore Dior. As it has turned out, the Australian actress took part in the advertisement campaign of Dior for the second time, this commercial was divided into two parts, and the shots from the video got into the printed media eventually. The image created by Dior implies luxury, royalty, and wealth but it is all not new for the higher social class of every country. Therefore, the creators of this advertisement had to make something exceptionally to draw attention to it and to make people actually want this perfume and they found the solution. When it concerns luxury, you cannot impress anyone with exquisite dresses and perfumes but when it concerns magic… that is completely different topic. Thus, Dior uses the image of an independent, seductive, and sexually attractive woman appeals to the desire of all female to be a queen in the real world. But what shall be done to make a simple advertisement look extraordinary? Maybe brig some magic. That is why Dior uses subconscious desire of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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