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Yunees The student hunter - Essay Example

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Interviewing Yuness concerning his hunting expeditions and his friends Yunees says, “At first I attended school in Denver, Colorado.” However, extreme cold weather conditions in Colorado, forced him to transfer again…
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Yunees The student hunter
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Extract of sample "Yunees The student hunter"

Download file to see previous pages Yunees speaks fluently in giving out opinions about hunting and the way he does it. He says, “I go hunting every weekend because as a student that is the only time I have free from early morning.” He maintains that hunting involves patience since it involves stalking rabbits and other animals in the fields to allow for an easy hunt of the rabbit. Yunees says, “I like to hunt rabbits the most because then I can cook them for dinner and enjoy them with my friends; the rabbits taste delicious. Other animals are not often hunted because, they run away very fast before I can hunt them”. It means during the hunting expeditions of Yuness and his friends, they sometimes face various challenges in the fields.
Ahmed, a friend to Yunees, often does not go hunting with his friends, since he thinks it is prohibited to hunt wild animals. However, Yunees and his friends use different slang such as “they taste great,” to give them more reasons for hunting the animals as they communicate to each other during their hunting expeditions.
During the interview, Yunees says, “Most of the time I have two of my friends accompanying me and they have the same hobby.” Besides, different expressions such as “PETA” to mean people eating tasty animals, used by the group during hunting expeditions gives them confidence and courage to pursue animals during the hunting of rabbits and other animals in the field.
In addition, Yunees performs unique rituals such as painting his gun with previous rabbit shot blood. He paints his gun talking in Arab languages to influence good luck in the next hunting expedition. Moreover, he believes that the ritual allows him have another successfully hunting adventure with even better experience during the hunting period. He maintains the habit of painting his gun during hunting experience to enable him has courage to look for the animals and shoot them during ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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