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Persuasive Presentation - Essay Example

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Unfortunately, most of the citizens are unaware of the fatal and numerous cases of suicide and homicide associated with gun ownership. Concisely, the threats posed by guns in…
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Persuasive Presentation
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Extract of sample "Persuasive Presentation"

Let Us Keep Our Society Safe Let Us Keep Our Society Safe A gun is a weapon considered vital in the American society specifically for enhancing personal security. Unfortunately, most of the citizens are unaware of the fatal and numerous cases of suicide and homicide associated with gun ownership. Concisely, the threats posed by guns in our society outweigh the benefits. Specifically, the annual number of deaths linked to guns or gun related incidence in the USA is so high to guarantee their elimination altogether. For this reason, I call upon each one of us to oppose gun ownership because these devices are weapons of violence that increase the mortality rate of the country regardless of age, gender, religion, or race.
How many of you feel that guns are necessary and imperative for self-protection? How would you feel if you knew how many people die of the gun each day? Our society has socialized as to acknowledge guns as a beautiful and powerful device but never mention how many people lose their life through it. The magazine, videos, and the internet depict gun ownership as a prestigious phenomenon without informing us on how many people died from gun-related incidences either as innocent or guilty victims. Unfortunately, most gun owners kill their loved ones including their partners and children.
Having easy access to guns increases the risks of and opportunity for fatal violence. When individual without a stable emotions or tempers owns guns, the likelihood of involvement in violence is high when they are provoked. Imagine a violent father who regularly beats his wife and threatens to kill her has a gun at such a time of great emotion. Do you think he would hesitate to pull the trigger? Such a scenario might seem to be strange in the ‘civilized America where wife beating is presumed to be a retrogressive practice. Unfortunately, a few months ago, a friend of my uncle shot his wife because of a simple domestic argument. Regrettably, he realised that he had killed his wife when it was too late. Another instance occurred in a public Restaurant where a waiter provoked a drunken man, and he removed his handgun and shot her in the chest; she died instantly.
Guns are a risk to the owner and children in the family. According to the Childrens Defence Fund and National Center for Statistics, approximately eight children die each day, and about fifty die every week due to gunfire. Additionally, five times as many children and teenagers suffer fatal injuries related to firearms. It is not once that the media has reported a juvenile death related to improper handling of the gun by an adult or the child him or herself. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of suicide cases related to guns was 41, 149. Given these statistics, do we really need guns at our homes?
The rate of firearm deaths in the United States in the year 2013 was 11,208 out of the total national homicide rate of 16,121. The statistics show that the use of a gun is the leading cause of homicide among all races and other social aspects of the American community. A comparison of the US and other developed countries reveal that the US has the highest rate of death related homicide in the world. Additionally, guns increase family tragedies, as children are prone to firearm-related deaths. It is found that children living in states with a higher number of guns, both registered and unregistered, are sixteen times likely to die of gun-related accident, three times to die of gun homicide, and seven times liable to die of firearm suicide. Consequently, this shows that guns increase the risk of death and injuries in the society.
If you think about it, you have witnessed or heard of an individual who died from a gunshot. Precisely, this could be through intentional homicide or suicide, or unintentional misfiring of the gun. Overall, when a bullet is triggered, it cannot be taken back. The firearm business cannot buy the thousand lives lost each day by the use of guns. Think about the family that lost a child, a father, or a mother due to a misfired or intentional murder; therefore, we have to oppose gun ownership at all cost. I challenge each one of us to save a life by opposing this practice.
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(Persuasive Presentation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 2)
Persuasive Presentation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 2.
“Persuasive Presentation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 2”, n.d.
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