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The Value Issues Positive vs. Negative - PowerPoint Presentation Example

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All this styles can be good or bad depending on the situation and how they are used. The most critical thing while using power is in the manner in which other…
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The Value Issues Positive vs. Negative
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Extract of sample "The Value Issues Positive vs. Negative"

Value issues- positive versus negative power Summary There are four styles of power; assertive persuasion, reward and punishment, participation and trust, and common vision. All this styles can be good or bad depending on the situation and how they are used. The most critical thing while using power is in the manner in which other people respond to the use of power. Power can empower or weaken individuals, for example, when power is used to reward and recognize exemplary work, it is empowering but when used to intimidate and exploit it weakens an individual.
Therefore, successful managers according to Cogner are those managers who use assertive persuasion. There are four steps a manager should follow that is; establish credibility, connect with the audience, reinforce your position and frame goals to observe a common ground. According to McClelland, power is a basic motivator stirred by the desire to have a strong impact on others. There are two faces of power the personal power and socialized power. Personal power places an individual in a situation of I win and you lose thus dominate over them. Conversely, socialized power is where one is concerned by the needs of others placing the individual in win- win situation.
Although socialized power is a positive attitude towards power, individuals degenerate and inculcate the personal power. Managers face a hoard of questions while doing their duty. In fact, some managers feel that in order to be influential they have to give out less power to the workers which are wrong thinking. Power is paradoxical, the more you give the more you get.
There are a number of ways that researchers have found that can aid managers to sustain influence. They include; -
Developing a reputation as an expert.
Balancing time spent on critical situations rather than preference of workers.
Develop a network of resource managers that can aid workers.
Implementation of sensitive and flexible tactics coupled with good communication.
Conclusively, managers who work hard to empower their workers sustain influence over the workers. Read More
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The Value Issues Positive Vs. Negative PowerPoint Presentation.
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