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The ideas of Bauhaus, a thought-provoking project designed to show that design is not worth considering, were defeated, as it may seem at a first glance. It is only partially right. Rationalism and striving for conveniences and organization in everyday life are important, as…
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Bauhaus Concept: Design or Rationalism The ideas of Bauhaus, a thought-provoking project designed to show that design is not worth considering, were defeated, as it may seem at a first glance. It is only partially right. Rationalism and striving for conveniences and organization in everyday life are important, as they can save much useful time and can help economize living space and arrange the things the way they will not create obstacles for living. One of the Bauhaus ideas, the idea that a home is a machine for living and producing things, did not survive long because of such simple reason as human soul. It is natural for human to seek for beauty, and it is impossible without designing work. It is preferable to sit, for example, on not only comfortable and quality chair, but also on that one that looks good and makes feel that it is aesthetically well done.
A home can be compared to a machine to see whether it is possible to adjust it just the same way like a machine. This will of customization leads to further creativity in such matters as the furniture location, the wallpapers color and pattern, the carpets and other pieces of interior, which is impossible without imagination and, consequently, designing work.
The desire for customization, optimization and rationalization may lead to some extravagant ideas that can be understood incorrectly or even fail. The ideas of Bauhaus survived both ways: one of them failed, others lived up till today. Based upon information received about this project, the conclusion is that the best idea of a home, and the life at all, is to rationally combine the desire for beauty, the design, and pragmatism, the desire to rationalize and make the things more convenient.

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