Adler and Van Dorens The Activity and Art of Reading - Essay Example

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Though the article is self-explanatory, it is paramount to deduce the actual message that the authors put across. According to Adler, M., & Doren, C…
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Adler and Van Dorens The Activity and Art of Reading
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Extract of sample "Adler and Van Dorens The Activity and Art of Reading"

The Activity and Art of Reading” by Adler and Van Doren My Take Any reader that reviews this work by Adler and Van can make divergent assumptions concerning the argument posed by the authors. Though the article is self-explanatory, it is paramount to deduce the actual message that the authors put across. According to Adler, M., & Doren, C. (2014), teachers can deliver a lot of things to the students but, on the other hand, students must have the ability to learn. This implies that an individual can be taught so many things but they are required to do the actual learning. I agree with the declarations made by Adler, M., & Doren, C. (2014). In this case, I think that it is the students’ responsibility to apply the concepts taught by the teacher so that they can articulate them in their memory. In addition, learners have to incorporate initiatives of internalizing different concepts and knowledge that they receive from the teachers. Therefore, learners are obligated to act on things communicated to them, Adler, M. (1999).
My role as a student with respect to my instructor
After reading “The Activity and Art of Reading” by Adler and Van Doren, I deduce my main role as a student is to be a thinker or a learner. In this aspect, I should consider the absence of a teacher as a motivating factor to help me have my books for a tutor: the book takes the position of a life instructor. Compulsorily, I should be very active in class by not only taking simple questions from the teacher but also tackling ideas raised by other students. In addition, I should feel free to express my own thoughts and ideas concerning the matter under discussion in the classroom. This will allow me to create my own knowledge and ideas about learning. Lastly, I have a role as a student to be motivated about learning. In this case, I am supposed to exhibit surmountable interests in learning.
Role Played by a Teacher in Learning
Adler, M. (1999) suggest that the main classroom duty performed by a teacher is to facilitate learning. In this case, the teacher communicates ideas and concepts to the students that are commonly referred to as aided discovery. The teacher is tasked with the role of monitoring various activities that learners are undertaking. In addition, the teacher is obligated to prepare learners with knowledge and prior experience so that the learning process can be conducted with expedite and efficiency. Other roles include managing the learning, managing activities and managing the group.
How does the Role of a Teacher vary in different Cultures?
Teacher diversity capital, according to Adler, M. (1999), is intended to develop teaching enrichment that embraces sensation and drives teachers to seek new prospects and ideas for building optimistic relationships with families and students from culturally dissimilar backgrounds. Experts suggest that teacher plays a wide range of tasks depending on the cultural requirements and setting.
In some places, teachers take up both educational and religious tasks. In other places, the teacher takes a significant portion of guardianship while others couple teaching with guidance and counseling.
Adler, M. (1999). The great ideas: A lexicon of Western thought. New York, NY: Scribner Classics.
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