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The period before the late fourteenth-century women who sought for education encountered a couple of problems because of what the society thought of them. The society saw the position of a woman as only being a daughter, wife and a mother hence not emphasizing women education…
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Reading Activity
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The Women in the sciences in blow The period before the late fourteenth-century women who sought for education encountered a couple of problems because of what the society thought of them. The society saw the position of a woman as only being a daughter, wife and a mother hence not emphasizing women education. However, Later on in the late fourteenth century and early fifteenth centuries, the traditional attitude towards women took a new turn with the emergence of humanist education that led to Europe’s privileged and learned men to encourage women to read and study classical and Christian texts. As much as women were drawn to humanism, they also got attracted to the scientific revolution and have excelled so much in the field of science. Various women have become lead astronomers, entomologists and great scientists, proving beyond reasonable doubt that women can do better in what previously was male dominated fields.
Women like Margaret Cavendish, Mari Merian and Maria Winkelman are classic reference to the importance of educating a woman in the society today (Spielvogel). Despite the difficulties women go through as they try to access education and pursue their careers, women have emerged to be successful and have even excelled more than their male counterparts. It is important for a society to put the girl child on the spotlight in terms of education and career opportunities so that women are empowered to bring about gender parity as well as enlighten the whole society because educating a woman is like educating the whole society.
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Spielvogel, Jackson. Western Civilization: Volume B: 1300-1815. 1st ed. Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning, 2014. Print. Read More
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