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Discuss the main causes and effects of gun crime in the USA - Essay Example

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When looking at the security status of many countries in the world, anyone will realize that instead of technology improving on it, sometimes things are getting worse as the technology brings gadgets that…
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Discuss the main causes and effects of gun crime in the USA
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Extract of sample "Discuss the main causes and effects of gun crime in the USA"

Download file to see previous pages As the thief’s and robbers have to get a more ‘effective’ weapon to facilitate the robbing, they have chosen the gun as, to them, is the most efficient and convenient weapon to use. This paper will be discussing the causes and effects of gun crime in the US.
For some time now, people believed that owning a gun made someone more secure. In this regard, those that felt that they were in any form of threats from robbers and so on would get a license so as they can purchase a gun and use it to protect themselves (Killias 1993). The belief that guns make a nation safer has been refuted by US doctors after they have noted that areas with high rates of people owning guns record many gun-related deaths than in countries where owning a gun is rare. Their findings were published in the American Journal of Medicine “ (Miller & Hemenway 19). While compared to the Japan, the US has the most death related to gun and has the highest rates of individuals owning guns while compared to Japan. Several discussions have been around to discuss what specifically causes gun crimes in the US. Some of these reasons will be discussed below.
In this case, it can be concluded that the mental condition of an individual is a threat to the population if the person comes across a weapon as powerful as a gun. Still, this underscores how much gun ownership can be a threat to the society since the patients involved in the mass killings would not have found a gun to commit the crime in the first place.
One primary cause of gun crime is ownership of guns itself. In the US, for example, there are about 10.2 guns per every 100,000 people while the UK has 0.25 guns per every 100,000 people (Airi, et al 2009). When the two countries are compared in respect to the number of gun-related crimes reported in the country, the data shows that the US has extremely high firearm-related deaths while the UK record very few cases of firearm-related deaths. Although these countries, like any ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Discuss the Main Causes and Effects of Gun Crime in the USA Essay - 1.
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