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The movie titled as Farewell China was created by Carla Law during the period of 1990 and the movie focuses on the issues that immigrant populations have to experience in the United States (Law 1). The movie provides an unpleasant but realistic view of the miseries of those who…
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Movie Review: Clara Law's Farewell China (1990)
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Movie Review: Farewell China The movie d as Farewell China was created by Carla Law during theperiod of 1990 and the movie focuses on the issues that immigrant populations have to experience in the United States (Law 1). The movie provides an unpleasant but realistic view of the miseries of those who have immigrated to America in search of better opportunities. The movie depicts two individuals who have separated from each other in search of better opportunities. These two individuals include Hung (female main character) and Zhao (male main character). The female character is exhibited within the movie as a person who went to United States for better education but ends up hanging around the people of the higher society and at the same time Zhao is trying to locate her. The movie depicts that an immigrant may plan something good in United States, but at the end of the day has to give in to the pressure of fate. The creator of the movie has quite professionally used the tool of natural cinematography along with the selection of proper spots in the area of New York. These tools have been quite effectively used by the Law in order to provide the audience with a feeling of despair and sadness. The acting of all the characters has helped Law in providing the audience with the lesson that Law wanted to portray. The script of the movie has ensured that every character within the movie has enough depth and significance such as the character of the teen girl. In the movie, Law has provided a great lesson to the movie makers. The lesson is that usage of ultra-jazzy visuals does not create a good movie and rather it is the art of telling a story that helps a movie in attaining success or failure.
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Farewell China. Hong Kong: Carla Law, 1990. DVD. Read More
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