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What is the paper’s thesis? Discuss its visibility and clarity. Note whether or not you feel it is in the right place and whether or not it fulfills the assignment: is it related to our course theme, etc.? Is the author’s thesis making a reasonable and arguable…
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Peers Review
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Download file to see previous pages s fulfil the assignment on the use of technology in education, the relationship between the statement and the course is related to the course theme and it makes a reasonable claim which is also arguable. This makes it a legible assignment.
2. Discuss the paper’s scope and focus. Does the introduction give enough contexts for the argument? Are there clear “boundaries” to what the author is discussing in the paper? Can you tell that the author is responding to a research question appropriately? In the introduction, can you see where the paper is going, and can you track the thesis throughout the paper?
The scope of the paper is primarily on the effects of technologies on how students take their studies. It is very easy to follow on the student’s argument throughout the essay and it is related to the topic statement. The flow of the paper is also seamless
3. How does the paper flow? Are the author’s points easy to follow? Are there any places where the author could make stronger transitions between points? Do the paragraph breaks make sense? Is the author relating individual points to one another—AND back to the thesis? Does every paragraph in this paper follow from the thesis?
The flow of the paper is also seamless. The points are easy to follow and the paragraphs breaks make reason. This makes the points to relate to one another easily. The conclusion on the essay is also well formatted with the author referencing to the papers thesis. The author can make the conclusion more captivating to the reader through better examples
4. Does the author provide a conclusion with an effective restatement of the paper’s thesis? Does the conclusion end the paper on a convincing note? Do you have ideas about ways the author might make the conclusion more interesting to the reader?
5. Discuss the author’s use of evidence from research sources. Is the author using reliable sources, or are any of the sources potentially unreliable? Are there places where more ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Peers Review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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