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Does the suppression of unions and workers groups, and collective action undermine democracy - Essay Example

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When workers try to exercise these rights, they unfortunately run into outright warfare, intimidation and employer threats (Doellgast,…
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Does the suppression of unions and workers groups, and collective action undermine democracy
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Extract of sample "Does the suppression of unions and workers groups, and collective action undermine democracy"

Download file to see previous pages It is always clear that unions and collective action allow employees to achieve steady increase in their fields of compensation, working conditions and their economic standards. Consequently, unions also play a greater role in facilitating the levels of democracy, inclusion and participation is the general society. This result is experienced both within the place of work and widely in social and democratic activities. Therefore, these unions exert this positive influence directly through their own internal processes and functions but also indirectly through their impact on the level of inclusion, participation, and protection to the society fully (Silverman). Internal evidence proves that societies with stronger unions and collective bargaining system will always demonstrate greater levels of equality and inclusion and stronger democratic participation. Below is a brief review of the various dimensions of unions’ positive influence on the effective and quality democracy.
The employees always have two major basic mechanisms for expressing that they are not satisfied with their situation in the place of work. The first concept involves the classic market mechanism of exit and entry, in this case, the individuals practice their freedom of choice to either accept a situation or reject it (Silverman). This can relate with the fact that if a consumer is not satisfied by a product or service he or she can change their respective providers, and this applies to workers who are not satisfied with the kind of job they do to reject the job and move to an offer that is more desirable. In the labor market, exit is synonymous with quitting and entry with new companies hire. Great organizations such as public agencies, governments, and large corporations can facilitate the exit entry idea by providing the possibility of transferring from one department to another instead of leaving the firm or organization completely.
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