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Boxing - Essay Example

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To win in this game, one of the participants is required to thoroughly beat his/her opponent up to incapacitation. In some incidence, the sport has resulted to serious injuries and death. Injuries…
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Extract of sample "Boxing"

Cynthia D. Parrish English Composition I February 12, Boxing should not be banned as a whole, but more oversight is required Introduction Boxing is a sport that involves exchanges of blows between two opponents. To win in this game, one of the participants is required to thoroughly beat his/her opponent up to incapacitation. In some incidence, the sport has resulted to serious injuries and death. Injuries emanating from boxing have prompted suggestions to ban the sport.
This article gives reasons why the game must not be abolished. In addition, the article suggests various measures for keeping boxing athletes safe.
Free Choice
The sport, being a choice game, is performed by adults who are conscious of all risks involved when one decides to participate in that sport as a career..
Boxing is a career and source of livelihood
It is important to note that the boxing earns a lot of money for the participants. In this case, they feel that the huge perk is worth the risk.
Football and hockey are equally violent
It is significant to note that boxing is not the not the only violent sport that could lead to life threatening injuries. Other sports such as football and hockey are famous for causing serious injuries to players.
Increased Oversight
More referees
Referee should be placed at each of the four edges of the ring to observe the fight with the official referee inside the ring. The four referees in each side should be involved in physically controlling the fight.
Twelve rounds instead of fifteen
Formerly, the game consisted of fifteen rounds but of present day boxing rounds do not exceed twelve rounds. Duration per round should also be reduced.
Illegal doping
To avoid the dangers of illegal use of these drugs, blood and urine samples should be taking before the event and also done randomly to prevent boxers from gaining an unfair advantage. It should be mandatory that boxer’s get more frequent physical checkups which include CAT scans. Just as in football, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) is becoming more common in athletes, which develops from getting too many concussions from an excessive amount of blows to the head.
From the points that the article has raised, it is clear that boxing is important as a source of livelihood and entertain. Furthermore, some of the concerns raised by its opponents have been mitigated. I, therefore, opine that boxing should not be banned, it should be allowed to continue, but it should have more oversight.
Work Cited
Rodriguez, Robert George. The Regulation of Boxing a History and Comparative Analysis of Policies among American States. Jefferson, N.C.: McFarland, 2009. Print Read More
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