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Is Boxing Safe - Essay Example

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Is Boxing Safe? The Risks of a Modern Sport As a sport and as a hobby, is boxing safe? The thought of boxing often conjures images of blood and sweat, with victory determined by points or by knockout. The safety of boxing has always been a matter of debate and the answer is by no means a simple one…
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Is Boxing Safe
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Download file to see previous pages Specifically, brain injury will be examined, as this is one of the largest concerns surrounding boxing as a consequence of the repeated blows which the combatants take to the head. Injury is a common and accepted component of boxing. Certainly, it seems logical that a sport that involves a physical contest between two people would result in injuries on both sides. One study estimated that the rate of physical injury was around 17.1 per 100 matches. Of these, 51% were facial lacerations, with the remainder including hand, eye and nose injury . An article in 2010 highlighted the potential for injury within boxing and there is debate about whether boxing should remain an Olympic sport. However, this debate is by no means new, although rules and equipment has changed much since the inception of the sport. . The sport involves substantial physical contact between two individuals. The contact can often be bloody and violent, and there is significant concern by researchers, neurologists, advocates and other parties that the sport is dangerous and can result in permanent damage to the brain. The outcome of this debate is substantially different depending on whether amateur or professional boxing is considered. In amateur boxing, the risk of injury is significantly reduced by the use of rules and equipment. Conversely, in professional boxing the risk is much higher. ...
Many neurologists consider that the sport puts the brain at such risk that it should be banned . A distinction needs to be made between amateur and professional boxing. The rules and equipment used in amateur boxing have been designed to decrease the chance of serious injury. They fight less rounds, normally three or four per fight rather as opposed to the 12 round fights that are often present in the professional leagues. Furthermore, the rounds which amateurs fight are shorter than professional boxers lasting two minutes instead of three. This adds up to a significant different in time spent in the ring. Headgear is worn that protects much of the face in order to decrease the risk of injury. Finally, a medical examination is required before any boxer enters a bout so that any problems can be detected early. Many studies have examined the effect that amateur boxing has on neurological activity. One study examined three groups of men, one group that were field and track athletes, one group that were soccer players and the third that were former amateur boxers. No signs of serious brain damage were detected in any of the groups . A review of observational studies that had been conducted between 1950 and the present was examined, the authors found that in less than a quarter of the studies there was evidence of chronic brain injuries, and these were mostly small. The authors concluded that there was no strong evidence supporting amateur boxing causing chronic traumatic brain injury . However, this is not the case in professional boxing. While the studies above indicate that chronic traumatic brain injury does occur in amateur boxing, the rate is much lower than for professional boxers . Studies have shown that chronic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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