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Why and How the Negative Opinions on Boxing Are Justified - Assignment Example

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This paper “Why and How the Negative Opinions on Boxing Are Justified” reviews the relevance of boxing in today’s world when compared to other forms of sporting action. Even though negative opinions on boxing cannot be justified as all games involve some amount of risks…
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Why and How the Negative Opinions on Boxing Are Justified
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Extract of sample "Why and How the Negative Opinions on Boxing Are Justified"

Download file to see previous pages Even though many people hold that boxing promotes violence and is detrimental to one’s health, there are no sound reasons to prohibit boxing legally. The paternalism versus respect for autonomy debate on boxing deserves attention in this regard. As Morgan points out, the “paternalistic arguments do not seem strong enough to justify a general prohibition, and the standards of community are an insufficient guide to action” (Morgan 386). There is no doubt that one has the personal liberty to participate in any games whether it is cycling or boxing. Of course, there are direct and indirect risks involved in a boxing competition and anyone who participates in the game accepts these risks quite happily, voluntarily and adventurously. However, one can never do away with the moral and ethical concerns connected with the game. Those who share moral concerns on the game refuse to support the game in its current format and advocate for radical reforms by which the game could be converted to a popular sports item rather than a dangerous game that resorts to violence and fatal injuries. The advocates of radical reforms on the game emphasize “mandatory use of helmets by fighters, the prohibition of blows to the head, and emphasis on scoring points through skill rather than on inflicting damage to opponents” (Morgan 386).
According to Mill, one should respect “the right of autonomous adults to exercise their ability to rationally guide their behavior by their own freely chosen values” and therefore one’s attempts to “interfere with the career choices of adults who wish to take up boxing is wrong” (Morgan 390).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Why and How the Negative Opinions on Boxing Are Justified Assignment, n.d.)
Why and How the Negative Opinions on Boxing Are Justified Assignment.
(Why and How the Negative Opinions on Boxing Are Justified Assignment)
Why and How the Negative Opinions on Boxing Are Justified Assignment.
“Why and How the Negative Opinions on Boxing Are Justified Assignment”.
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