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Researc on Marketing Department - Research Paper Example

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The departments make up an organization: they are subsystem within a system. Each subsystem plays a key role. The marketing department determines the outcome of key…
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Researc on Marketing Department
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Extract of sample "Researc on Marketing Department"

Download file to see previous pages An excellent marketing team should be analytical, creative and innovative. The team members should possess skills gained in college, company’s trainings and experiences as well. The paper purposes to examine the different aspects of the Gulf Power Company marketing representative. It also seeks to determine the academic and professional qualifications and competencies required to be among the company’s marketing representatives. One may not be aware of what all that is involved with becoming a marketing consultant with Gulp Power Company. The company provides electricity to clients in Florida. Its services are both to retail and wholesale clients in eight countries.
To be a marketer in the Gulf Power Company one has to be a have some academic qualifications. There are various undergraduate and master’s programs that are relevant to the department. They include; an associate degree in Market, Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Masters of business administration among others. The associate degrees will ensure an entry post in the department. It coursework offers basic skills in marketing industry. The bachelor degree is more detailed. It covers principles of marketing, finance and management as well. Further, the program provides skills in market research that are key in the marketing field. Therefore, a bachelor’s degree in marketing prepares an individual towards a better marketing career. For individuals preparing for managerial positions in the department should pursue a master’s program in Business Administration. The degree primarily covers business policies and strategies thus important for the marketing department leadership. Other related programs may include degrees in business law, economic and finance. The stated courses are an added advantage in the marketing department. Moreover, it is critical that one is a certified marketer; a holder of a professional ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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