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Risks - Assignment Example

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Additionally, to be a writer means being vulnerable to criticism or even a subject of ridicule. If a writer has strong views on any subject, he or she is rest assured that some shade will be thrown…
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Extract of sample "Risks"

Download file to see previous pages The book is for age 10 and over. OReilly chronicles a valuable, historical narrative of the tragedy that changed the nation. He presents information on the shocking events that lead to John Kennedy’s assassination that changed the course of American history. He also presents the political crisis the President was facing, his life and his family in the eye of the public. He recounts the gripping detail and brutal murder of John Kennedy, and how a sequence of gunshots killed a president that people loved. He also recounts how JKF sent the nation into the catastrophic division of the war in Vietnam. He also sent the nation to the culture changing repercussion of the Vietnam War. On the other hand, OReilly describes Lee Harvey Oswald as an angry Drifter, taken into police custody. His accusers accused him of the most notorious twentieth-century crime. OReilly also highlights the President as a brave leader, a hero, and a president whose desire was to make the world a better to live. Nonetheless, O’Reilly presents the government’s line that Harvey Oswald was a lone nut. However, Bill O’ Reilly book for young readers, Kennedy’s last Days about the JKF assassination might have remained inoffensively out of pasture had its author not been accused of fabricating a part of its monolog. Other writers and advocates have for a long time cataloged the meltdowns, exaggerations and many stumbles of OReilly. They perceive OReilly as being risky, recurrently unfair and inexorably lopsided.
In the final pages of the book, he describes how he tracked down a shadowy Lee Harvey Oswalds associate in Florida. George de Mohrenschildt, the Russian-American businessman, had known Marina, Oswalds wife. He also helped Oswald get his first job. O Reilly in his book wrote that he heard a blast of a shotgun only to discover George had killed himself. However, news outlets are now challenging OReillys narrative with reports that he was in Texas at ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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