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Website Analysis - Essay Example

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There are specifications for formation of a website that is there must be the domain name of the website, web host and finally the topic to be in the website. A commonly…
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Website Analysis
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Extract of sample "Website Analysis"

Website analysis A website is a setting on the internet containing pages with information from different partsof the world. There are specifications for formation of a website that is there must be the domain name of the website, web host and finally the topic to be in the website. A commonly known site is youtube, containing entertainment, news, retail and transaction procedures in it. Operations systems in youtube done through a process that involves the creation of youtube account. After the creation of the account, posting any materials be it a picture, a video or information attracts viewers in the website to download or like. It is through downloading or liking of the posts that earn the owner of the posts a specified amount of money. Artists prefer using this website as it is reliable and commonly used by a majority of people worldwide. After the news broadcast on any channel in the world, it is possible to obtain the news at youtube at any time for example KBC news from Kenya is obtainable in this website at any time. However, entertainment items cover a major section of the site. Music and movies from all over the world are available at the website.
Youtube contains parental control application that helps in blocking any information that is not necessary for view in underage individuals. It encourages the flow of information to relevant individuals without leaking any information to unnecessary viewers. There are various goals in association with youtube the main purpose being simplifying share of videos from all over the world quickly. The video materials may be movies, music, pranks or motivational speeches from different regions of the globe. In addition, it serves as a medium of interaction among the members of the website that mainly contain various cultural values beliefs and norms. Just like another interaction sites like Facebook, Youtube provides the chance to it members to create more friends along the globe. All the above goals are in achievement as the site has offered the opportunity to make the goals come true.
The writings on the website give directions to the users on how to maximize the use of the site. However, the writings simplify the search of items for the users to avoid wastage of time and complications in using it. The textual designs in this website give the viewers a center of attraction as the designs serve the purpose of making the website beautiful and attractive. It provides different colors and images that attract personnel encouraging more users to join the site. The primary visual elements on the site are videos of various countries and topics under specific categories for example music and movies contain different groupings. It helps in identifying any music or movie that an individual has heard of quickly. Youtube use cookies that assist in navigating the website quickly and also helps in providing suitable information basing on the media in use. The site is clear for use, as there are no confusing features. It offers simplicity of information and direction favoring all groups of people ready willing and able to use the website.
This website offers a great lesson that is simplified work attracts many users, as people require sites that are not complicating their use. The developers of the site put into consideration the needs of the customers to improve the website. Any complaints to the internet site by users are in correction immediately to avoid the bad reputation of the site. The website provides entertainment, news and transaction deals according to the needs of the users. For any website to be successful like youtube, customers must be given the priority and best services. Read More
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(“Website Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2”, n.d.)
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(Website Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 2)
Website Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 2.
“Website Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 2”, n.d.
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