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Website Analysis: Federal Aviation Administration - Research Paper Example

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The national aviation authority for the US, an agency of the Department of Transportation is referred to as the Federal Aviation Administration, FAA. Its mandate includes the regulation and overseeing of America’s civil aviation…
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Website Analysis: Federal Aviation Administration
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Download file to see previous pages It gives critical information on FAA, its operations in various aspects, the employment opportunity it provides and news in its regard. It presents information in words and pictorials. As a key mandate, FAA has to provide adequate information on its operations and how its service users would access them when in need. In its “About FAA” page, the Federal Aviation Administration website describes what its mission is – “to provide the safest, most efficient aerospace system in the world.” Indeed, from this, one easily gathers what the government agency’s mandate entails. The page further gives a historical chronology which serves as an important aspect to those seeking to understand how the agency has grown. The website guides the web user on FAA’s location and further gives its contacts – telephone number and postal address – which constantly appear at the bottom of each page browsed. It is among the few government agencies’ websites that gives directions on how to navigate its building for those physically visiting the agency in its contact page. The website addresses the needs of various calibers of users by providing a wide array of communication platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and email options in addition to the other conventional platforms. The web option of lodging requests would also be available for those choosing this option. The website further gives its telephone directory which allows users to reach specific employees directly. This ensures that the service users get effective service and the agency gathers information and executes the appropriate action in a timely manner. The FAA website provides access to most of its services online - licenses and certification, its regulations and policies, air traffic, airports, aircraft and training and testing- which makes it convenient to the service users and also saves the agency the resources that would have been needed to otherwise address the needs of these users. It provides an option of downloading the required forms for application of the necessary services. Further, the website provides researchers and decision makers with a database of required data and previous research on America’s aviation. The website provides the option of defining the type of user one is through its ‘I am’ option so that one gets the relevant information. The website appreciates that it could be limited in the information provided. As such, other than users reaching the agency through the various contact options, the website provides links to other relevant government agencies for referrals. Additionally, the website provides a section for frequently asked questions where users could find answers to their concerns. Its web and privacy policies ensure appropriate usage of the website and protect the interests of the web host – FAA. Finally, it would be important to appreciate the currency of the website. As from the retrieval date, the website indicates to have been last updated on 28th January 2013, just about 4 days before retrieval, an indication of FAA’s regular updating of the website making the information availed on the website reliable. Nonetheless, it would be expected that a brief history of the agency would be displayed on the ‘About’ page but the agency has only its mission displayed on the page. To get its history, the web user has to browse the page further. Its history is just as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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