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The AS&QPD Mechanical Unit would like to express our greatest gratitude for the work you perform as a contractor for the company during the last two years. You began your contract with us on March 19, 2013 and will finish the contract on March 5, 2015. During that time the…
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AS&QPD Mechanical Unit March 3, Dear Mr. Sullo, The AS&QPD Mechanical Unit would like to express our greatest gratitude for the work you perform as a contractor for the company during the last two years. You began your contract with us on March 19, 2013 and will finish the contract on March 5, 2015. During that time the company had the privilege of benefiting from your professional expertise. The work you perform as a lathe operator was superb. The other duties of your contract included overhauling pumps, valves, and maintaining PM checks. Your work in all aspects was outstanding. Your professionalism and effort was always above what we could expect from any contractor.
We enjoyed having you in our company. One of your greatest virtues was the ability to get along with the other employees of the firm. Teamwork has become a critical success factor in the work environment of the 21st century. Both your written and verbal communication skills are tremendous. In the two years you perform work for us the human resource department evaluated your work several times. All HR evaluations of your work passed with flying colors. The productivity of the firm improved as a direct consequence of your work efforts. In today job marketplace it is difficult to find contractors such as yourself that give maximum effort in all aspects of your job duties. We would like to thank you and wish you the best in all your future professional experiences with other companies. Any company that contracts you will truly be a lucky employer.
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Appreciation Letter Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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