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An article - Essay Example

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His vowed to institute corruption free authority that would be a threat to any chance of misappropriating public funds, which contrary has…
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An article
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Extract of sample "An article"

The article mainly relays Chris Christie’s, a New Jersey governor who then characterized by numerous promises before assuming power. His vowed to institute corruption free authority that would be a threat to any chance of misappropriating public funds, which contrary has prompted him experience unequaled criticism for his conduct while in office. His promises are just like another political tactics just to get a seat into government according to his critics.
He brands himself as a common person whose core aim was to run for governor and change his town yet refused to visit Washington on a states chamber of commerce chattered train. Hence, living many to question his ethical claims about own lifestyle. The ethical question that arises is why does he claim that his life is simple yet own lifestyle depicts otherwise? The worst criticism though emerges after his return from England characterized by lavish travel style funded by special interest groups and non-profit organizations that he himself has instituted.
His perceived ethical standards further betray own character, when he results to opening up corruption opportunities which he himself vowed to end. From the time he assumed office, he has been at loggerheads with public employees over wages. This raises question as to his ability to deliver earlier made promises of well-censored of an ethical rule. He has turned his regime as that full of secrets leaving many to question even his integrity as an honest man. Some people contend he is not the first to give such ethical speeches when contesting for an office, thus “so can he be an exemption?” They do all this by criticizing the current office and when they are in the same spot maintain similar operations.
He further go against his ethical stands after promising to bring a legislation to bar public office holders to work in two jobs and end the conflict of interest but then the law never comes to be. This really downgrades his willingness to end the malpractice and end unlawful party donations. His critiques even argue that he showed little interest for the bill to pass and that is why he has done nothing about the bill even if he could do something.
There are many ethical violations exhibited by Christie especially when he denied public information yet claimed accountability would characterize his leadership. This leaves many wondering of how a government can be accountable when they do not allow people to evaluate and score them. His tenure is a characterization of numerous lawsuits with a lot of public money use to pay off lawyers from losses and formation of nongovernmental groups to cover up dirty deals.
Christies through his loyal staffs intimidates individuals who forms lobby groups that try to criticize his operations yet he has initiated several like those. This clearly depicts a selfish leader who contrary to his proclamation as a fair and uncorrupt leader, he acts so contrary to his words tarnishing the whole leadership process. He is like a leader who preaches water yet he takes wine, which is a great violation of leader’s code of conduct. Read More
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An Article Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“An Article Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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