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Gay Marriage Laws in New York - Essay Example

The church, especially the Catholic Church, has remained rigid to perpetuate any marriages involving same sex partners in the church on the basis that it is an illegal process that goes against the Christian principles. The purpose of this article is to explore the division that exists among the New York people regarding the issue on Gay Laws. This will be achieved by close-examining multi-point views of this issue as expressed in News Papers and Magazines and the arguments of each controversial group. Gay marriage was incorporated in law in July 2011 when the Marriage Equality Act was enacted to protect the rights of same sex partners in New York law courts, which was previously regarded as illegal. Since this time, the New York court has become an instrument to protect the Gay rights in its capacities to ensure that they are accorded legal recognition in all state agencies as demanded by the law. In this effect, the court has passed many judgments to uphold the rights of Gay partners in all the legal and social spheres. Lowrey (Para. 2-3), a New York Time author, reported the supreme courts move to award same sex marriages the internal revenue service that was previously assigned to the heterosexual sexual marriage partners in New York. This move of the Supreme Court is an impartial treatment that is meant to reduce the barriers that have been placed on the ways of gay partners regardless of the legalization of this kind of marriage. The ruling of the Supreme Court was meant to bridge

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The legislation was reported to have been resisted particularly from supporters of gay rights indicating the move as discriminatory. Rhode Island was considered only to be the fifth state with legislature on civil unions to the list which included New Jersey, Hawaii, Delaware and Illinois.
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However, a few governments have already started formalizing same-sex marriages. The most important argument put forward by the proponents of the same-sex marriage is that denying this right amounts to denying universal human rights. However, gay marriage is not normal, for it violates the nature’s law as the tendency of homosexuality is only one among the many sexual deviations experienced in humans.
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Equally as vocal, however, are the members of society who are committed to keeping the ‘traditional definition’ of marriage in tact and making sure that only one woman and one man are permitted to marry for decades to come. On the one side, many contend, “Gay marriage is really a matter of respect and human rights” (Mollmann 105).
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On the other hand, those opposed to these kinds of marriages base their argument on certain religious teachings, which explain gay marriages are evil. According to them, God designed marriages that involve man and woman, and anything that does not obey this pattern is generally sinful.
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the gap between gay partners and opposite sex partners by according them equal marriage rights. The consequence of the legalization of gay marriages has resulted to a noticeable new perception of Gayism in the New York State. The teenagers have embraced this culture and the current trends have indicated an increase in the number of youths that have now developed this kind of relationship. To the public, this has become an urgent situation that requires an urgent response if at all the moral uprightness of the society is to be maintained. The church and the public have reacted to the increasing trend of gay relationship among teens by initiating reform processes to covert these teens into heterosexual relations in an effort to reduce the spread of this culture in the New York Society. Their argument is that a preventive strategy is the only way to salvage the moral corruption that has come along with the legalization of Gay marriage. According to Lovett (Para. 2), New York Daily writer, the Christians have launched a reform movement in an attempt to convince gay teenagers to abandon this culture and go the heterosexual way. This move of the church seems to go against the legal justification of gay marriage that was established on the principles of democracy, as a way of providing the states persons with the will choose their marriage rights. In this view, gay behavior among the teens has become an exigence that was not anticipated during legalization of the same sex marriage. The move of the church to reform gay teenagers has received a lot of criticism from the New York Law that has consistently dictated that the people be given the will to choose on their marriage ri


Name Professor English Date Gay Marriage Laws in New York Gay Marriage has become one of the most controversial issues in New York even after the legalization same sex marriage, attracting mixed reactions from all corners of New York. The reaction of the law enforcers, the church and the general public have failed to converge and the issue has become a topic open for discussion from different perspectives…
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Gay Marriage Laws in New York
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