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Reflection about the yellow wallpaper story - Essay Example

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The short story is a piece of literature written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, who underwent the same experiences as the story records. The story can therefore appear to reflect…
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Reflection about the yellow wallpaper story
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Extract of sample "Reflection about the yellow wallpaper story"

Reflection about the Yellow Wallpaper Story affiliation: Reflection The yellow wallpaper is a story of a disheartening life of a lady who suffers from nervous depression. The short story is a piece of literature written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, who underwent the same experiences as the story records. The story can therefore appear to reflect the author’s personal life experiences. The piece of literature contains a series of situations that carry along very deep massages a lesson about life. This paper is a detailed reflection of the work of literature.
The narrator of the story who is an unnamed lady had given birth to a child. The woman is suffering from a condition of nervous depression that significantly affects her social life. When she comes back to the mansion that her husband had bought, she feels that there was something queer about the mansion, which had for so long had no occupants. Her husband who is her doctor confines her in a room upstairs because as he said the treatment the woman required that she engaged in no activity and particularly forbid her from writing and working. All this was done so she could achieve mental wellbeing.
Separated from any form of intellectual stimulation and only her journal the woman starts a descent into obsession. The woman gets into a kind of fixation with the yellow wallpaper on the wall, this happens to be the only visual stimulation present within the room and around her confinement. Due to the isolation, the woman begins to perceive that there was another woman attempting to break free who was creeping in the room behind the wallpaper. In a bid to rescue the imprisoned woman, the narrator tears down pieces of the wallpaper to set her free.
This story reflects the social norms present in the 19th century where the feminine gender was expected to fulfill duties of being mothers and wives and be content with the dominion of men over them. Women were consequently doomed to spend solely their lives in domestic spheres. Although John can be seen the dominant villain of the story; he is just but a reflection of the society that pushed women to the lowest society level when they tried to enter the masculine ream
Gilman, C. & Bauer, D. (1998). The yellow wallpaper. Boston: Bedford Books. Read More
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