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If the public or audience, does not take interest in the information being provided or the material used the confidence will be shattered. A cold…
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The Biggest Concern in Public Speaking The biggest concern I have regarding public speaking is the failure to grab audience’s attention or loss of interest by audience. If the public or audience, does not take interest in the information being provided or the material used the confidence will be shattered. A cold response or lack of interest by the audience may end up in increasing anxiety which is exhibited in the behaviors, movement and overall presentation of the speaker. Hence, interest and positive response of audience is my biggest concern.
To overcome the issue, one must identify the audience, their likes, understand their stance and target those using tools and techniques that they are most interested in. A factor in considering how to grab their attention relates to their personal and demographic information. An audience of older age cannot be targeted effectively using materials and ways of presentation suitable for youth and same is the case for professionals versus students as audience. Hence, there indeed is a need to understand the audience and target them effectively to remain centre of attention during the venture.
I personally believe that a public speaker needs to be able to cope up with any possible reaction by the public and must be ready to face any kind of response or no response at all. The need is to remain calm and adapt to the situation immediately without getting confused or exhibiting the anxiety that the speaker might face. Conclusively, the responses one gets are unpredictable yet a good public speaker foresees the needs and plans accordingly with a backup plan to change as per the situation at hand. Read More
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