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People in a zombie apocalypse - Essay Example

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Just like a normal human being, a zombie is perceived to have life. The only distinguishable factor between a zombie and a human being is that the former is mindless. Generally, zombies are human-eating creatures and they have a lot of thirst for human blood. …
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People in a zombie apocalypse
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Extract of sample "People in a zombie apocalypse"

Download file to see previous pages An attack by zombies exposes humans to a lot of hostility and fear. Human being has generally become afraid of becoming prey of these dangerous creatures. Despite the attack and the fear caused by the zombies, the society needs to heal and later forge ahead with its normal activities. Therefore, a society can take various steps to ensure that it is fully healed from the effect caused by the zombie apocalypse. This essay will therefore mainly discuss on how the effect caused by the zombie catastrophe can be contained in a society. It further analyses how Rick contains the situation after falling a victim of the apocalypse.
Dealing with the zombie apocalypse issue
For leaders such as Rick, they need to come up with policies to ensure that the issue of zombie apocalyptic story is controlled in the affected society. Such policies will ensure that the effect of the zombies on the victims is not so severe. The first policy is setting a bite policy up front. In case a victim is injured or suspected of being bitten by a zombie, he or she has three options. The rules in this case will be suicide, exile or lock up. In the exile rule, in case the victim will still be alive a week, he or she can be taken back to the society. In the lockup, the victim remains locked up in a cage or on a bed until some change is noticed in the victim or the incubation period is made longer. In addition, the victim can be gagged and the fingers wrapped up in gloves to protect others from being harmed (Kino).
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People in a Zombie Apocalypse Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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