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Apocalypse - Essay Example

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It is a neo-noir dystopian film directed by Ridley Scott. The screenplay of the film is an adaptation of the novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Written by Philip K. Dick in 1968. The film depicts a future…
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Download file to see previous pages The film has its direction of Edgar Wright. The story is about a man who is attempting to get focus on his life and deal with a bigger issue of dealing with the rising of the Zombie Apocalypse. The film depicts the current cultural phenomenon in Hollywood and around the world as we will see when comparing and contrasting the two films.
The antagonists in both the "Blade Runner" and "Shaun of the Dead" depict human-like characteristic in their physical form but are still monsters. The stories are science fiction that depicts the robot apocalypse and a zombie apocalypse. They are both set in the future. The changes that modernity brought into the world and advancement in technology is what led to the making of the two films. "Shaun of the Dead" shows anxiety through the spread of viral capitalism around the world. The zombie apocalypse leads to denial of the people to ever go back to normalcy (Wright, 2004). "Blade Runner" also has a form of denial when the cooperations that comes up with replicants who do not want to go back to humans. It is because the replicants are more human than human beings (Scott, 1982). It shows how the future people are satisfied with the apocalypse of either zombies or genetically engineered replicants. There is a fear among the human race about a possible apocalypse as we see the making of the two films.
The human beings in both films defend themselves from the unwanted creatures that have invaded the earth. “Shaun from the dead” has the people from the bar defend themselves after the return of the zombies to haunt them. The zombies feed on human beings thus the rise of the zombies means the end of the human population (Wright, 2004). The replicants from “Blade Runner” are also created to finish the human population as they are superior to human beings. The humans must, therefore, fight against the robots before the monsters lead to their end. We see the fight between human beings and the replicants from the film (Scott, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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