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Toulmin Schema - Essay Example

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This paper shall discuss the claim that pilots and other crewmembers should be given better treatment and enough rest periods to ensure their attentiveness during flights and safety of passengers, as well as to feel motivated and satisfied with their jobs…
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Toulmin Schema
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Download file to see previous pages The researcher states that the Federation Aviation Administration (FAA) requires airlines to give their crew a 10-hour rest time before commencing a duty period that includes flying. The ten-hour rest period may include the time a crew takes to commute to or from their houses or hotel room. Moreover, the carriages should not reduce the actual time for sleeping the chance to below 8 hours. Meaning the pilots and crew only have two hours to commute, which practically is not enough, thus they end up eating into their 8 hour sleeping time. Additionally, FAA has extended the length of continuous time off during a one-week period from 24 hours to 30 hours. The flight crewmembers should use the rest opportunity to sleep instead of doing other things during the period. The FAA further asserts that persons whose internal clock may be off due to flipping back and forth between different zones require additional time off. However, airlines rarely observe these rules and regulations. Jochen Wirtz and Loizos Heracleous assert that motivating staff through rewards and recognition has helped Singapore Airlines build desirable behaviors among crewmembers. The airline offers interesting and varied job content, symbolic actions, performance-based share options, and a significant percentage of variable pay components related to a person’s contributions and the airline’s financial performance. The company also provides bonuses based on its profitability. Additionally, the company uses its numerous international accolades, companywide meetings, and open communication to make staff motivated. Motivation and communication have helped Singapore Airlines realize service excellence. This approach has created job satisfaction, and overall, excellent service to customers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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