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The Ojibwe people adopted the name the Anishinabe as their identity. Notable, Anishinabe refers to the original people or just people in the Ojibwe language (Minnesota Historical Society 2). The…
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Anishnabe homeland
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Anishinabe Homeland I believe the Anishinabe refer to Native Americans that lived in North America. The Ojibwe people adopted the name the Anishinabe as their identity. Notable, Anishinabe refers to the original people or just people in the Ojibwe language (Minnesota Historical Society 2). The Anishinabe originate from the Algonquin family that dominates Native Americans and First Nation people (Minnesota Historical Society 2). However, the origin of the name “Anishinabe” is uncertain and archeologists have derived two different theories to explain the origin of this name. The Anishinabe is one of the dominant native tribes in North America that occupies the greatest geographical area. Indeed, the Anishinabe ancestral homeland entails five American States and three Canadian Provinces (Minnesota Historical Society 1). The Anishinabe still live in this ancestral homeland. However, this ancestral land has since reduced after the coming of the Europeans.
Accordingly, this native tribe claimed that it originated from the northeast and settled by the great sea. Notably, wars, migrations, and trade influenced the Anishinabe homeland. The Anishinabe valued their expanse homeland and referred it as a reward from their ancestors. The ancestral homeland belonged to all Anishinabe people. The Anishinabe guarded the homeland with pride and resisted all attempts aimed at removing them from the land. Apparently, the initial ancestral homeland of the Anishinabe was huge since it stretched from the northern reaches of the plains to the southeastern shores of the Great Lakes (Minnesota Historical Society 2). Specifically, sub-Arctic tundra bounded the homeland from the north while the Mackenzie River bounded the homeland from the west (Minnesota Historical Society 2). The Mississippi River bounded the Anishinabe homeland from the south while the seaboard bounded the homeland from the east (Minnesota Historical Society 2).
Anishinabe homeland extended from Central Saskatchewan to southern Ontario (Minnesota Historical Society 2). Moreover, the Anishinabe homeland entailed the northern Minnesota, northern Dakota corner, and dominated Michigan City (Minnesota Historical Society 2). Currently, most Anishinabe people are farmers and ranchers who live in reservation communities in northern Minnesota and Wisconsin (Minnesota Historical Society 2). The Anishinabe have subdivided into four groups according to their location. The plains Anishinabe reside in Saskatchewan, western Manitoba, North Dakota, and Montana while the northern Anishinabe reside between the Great Lakes and Hudson Bay (Minnesota Historical Society 2). The southeastern Anishinabe reside in southern Ontario while the southwestern Anishinabe live in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and upper Michigan (Minnesota Historical Society 2).
Personally, I think that Anishinabe is one of the largest native tribes that resided in North America. Based on the geographical area that they occupied, the Anishinabe dominated the Native Americans and First Nation people. Indeed, no other native tribes had an ancestral homeland that covered five American States and three Canadian Provinces (Minnesota Historical Society 1). Apparently, wars, occupation, migrations, and trade determined the Anishinabe homeland. Indeed, most Anishinabe people are farmers and ranchers who live in reservation communities thus occupying an expanse geographical area. The subdivision of the Anishinabe into four groups allowed them to have a large homeland. The Anishinabe continue to reside in their ancestral homeland despite the coming of the Europeans who reduced this geographical area. As such, I feel the paper effectively addresses various aspects of Anishinabe homeland in details.
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