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Anishinabe people and our homeland - Research Paper Example

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Per se, the Anishinable teachings stipulate that the only way to gain knowledge is to learn. As a result, the clan learning culture is in place to ensure that all students in the institution…
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Anishinabe people and our homeland
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Extract of sample "Anishinabe people and our homeland"

Anishinable Teachings Having arrived at the end of the term, the learning experience was awesome throughout. Per se, the Anishinable teachings stipulate that the only way to gain knowledge is to learn. As a result, the clan learning culture is in place to ensure that all students in the institution have acquired knowledge within a given period. The road to gain knowledge ensures that every individual maintains their different goals and objectives. The mission of the institution is a culture-based pedagogy that helps to improve the learning experiences of each student in the institution (John, DeWitt, and Erwin 127-128). The truth is emphasized on ensuring that young people get well prepared to face new phase of their journey in all the steps of life.
The basic learning experiences through the term involve several aspects. One of the aspects is enabling students to have a critical way of thinking. The teaching and learning goals may be very different (Audlin, 55). The learning experiences within this term ensure that an individual is capable of monitoring his or her own mind habits. The individual is also facilitated with basic intellectual capabilities as well as personal qualities.
Learning through the term was fostered towards helping the students develop analysis capabilities where they can explain problems and develop an argument about same problem X using concept Y as depicted through the clan system of learning. Comprehension of concepts by students is evidenced by their position to analyze situation X and the ability to distinguish the concepts from common misconception (Trudeau, 34).
The clan system insists on different outcomes at the end of a given term. For instance, by the end of this term, the clans system insists that all the students should have acquired basic analysis and be able to explain human behavior in terms of relationships among multiple factors (John, DeWitt, and Erwin 139). In a wider range, students should be able to understand how marginality is the broader learning category, linked to the understanding of nature (Trudeau, 54).
The learning experiences are characterized by engaging activities that optimized every learner’s learning both in time and effectiveness. The term was also characterized by both hybrid learning and blended learning. Per se, the two terms mean a mix of online learning activities and quizzes with instructors-led teaching. Most of the instructors maintained a ‘coach on the side’ ways of teaching other than ‘sage on the stage’ methods. The learning activities were flexible enough to allow for any adjustments. They allowed students for self direction that fostered and guided their learning.
The instructors increasingly channeled learning through initiating various learning activities. The learner’s activities are structured towards guiding and helping them focus on what-to-do rather than how-to-do. The instructors had a wide range of visibility into each student’s progress and where they may be having difficulties. There was an effective learning outcome that was built on mastery of subject area. The above is evidenced by two milestones: at the end of the learning experience. Learners demonstrated a very high level of knowledge retention of the essential knowledge. They also demonstrated the ability to apply knowledge to new problems. The learning experiences have helped broaden and internationalize the outlook of the students and educators and involve opportunities (John, DeWitt, and Erwin 150).
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