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First the author has motive and drive, he got in the field of Applied Behavioral Analysis therapy particularly to help children on the Autism Spectrum modulate. Secondly, he has passion for what…
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FEEDBACK ON CVS AND PERSONAL MENTS There are several parts that really bring out the in the personal ment. First the author has motive and drive, he got in the field of Applied Behavioral Analysis therapy particularly to help children on the Autism Spectrum modulate. Secondly, he has passion for what he studied. He has been “interested in the variations and individualities of the human brain.’ He loves and cherishes what he studied. He also shares a personal story as to why he is so much interested in giving back to the community. He also at one point in time suffered from clinical depression and the community helped him. The revealing quote that the author featured is that he knows more how to help children and supervising children and adolescent ward revealed how much he wanted to work with them. The author vividly connects me to his world though his descriptions. For instance Clinical Interventions really cemented the fact that he was destined to be a clinical psychologist. After undergoing practical clinical therapy for ten weeks he discovered that the heart of therapy is listening, something he has been enthusiastically doing with his friends.
In the personal statement the author reveals new things such as clinical therapy requires listening, he also suffered from clinical depression, and clinical interventions class made him fell in love with clinical psychology. The take home point is that the author does what he is passionate about. After reading the personal statement, I know that the author has what it takes to be a clinical psychologist, ranging from passion to experience to drive.
From the CV, the author fails to follow the set procedure. He ought to have followed the following order, Education, Experience, Honors and awards, involvement and activities, skills and references. Read More
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Give Feedback Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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